Our Mission

“To help build a strong business community, provide alternatives in tough economic times and facilitate fair trade."
Our Vision
It is our vision to make a difference, bringing to the Kiwi community the most convenient method of bringing together local businesses and their customers.
Who We Are
We are a group of companies operating in Auckland, New Zealand helping to make a Kiwis life better.
What We Strive For
"While recognizing that the old way may still be the best way, we constantly strive to find a better solution to our client's & member's problems."
We always strive to find the best solution so we can provide you with a reliable system that is easy to use and affordable for small & medium businesses, that is designed, built and run here in New Zealand.
What We Do

What we do is we provide you the most convenient method of advertising your service, or finding the necessary resources to complete any job.

We Provide you free Job and Service registration.

Provide you free membership with no expiration.

Ensure a user friendly website. You are provided with an account that you can easily log-in to and navigate our website. The website allows you to advertise, buy, watch, and look for other jobs and services that are available in the market and trade with members. Posting your advertisement will be as easy as writing a note.

Wondering whether the person you are trading with is reliable or not? No worries! We provide you with member reviews, which are a good resource in determining a trader's credibility. After all, we all want to trade with only the best traders in the market. We encourage you as a member to review your trading partners.

More importantly, we value all our member's opinions.

Interested to learn more how we work? Register now or visit our Help page.